We owe our existence to the development of National & International community through acquisition and dissemination of knowledge. We are providing services with core values and high aspiration with purpose to ensure the real sense of assessment/testing with utmost integrity and institutional growth.

We are experts in providing customized and tailor made solutions to colleges, universities and institutions for getting admissions and hiring in their respective fields.

Our efforts are to make continuous development and to produce talented citizens of Pakistan through educational research, fair and valid assessments with a zero tolerance policy. Our success is measured by the results produced by the students, colleges, universities and institutions are getting up to mark results associated with us.

Our company strives to ensure high quality assessment emphasizing a high level of professionalism & social values. Our students/ professionals appearing for assessment are the most sought after by the colleges/universities and the employers as they are aspiring leaders in their communities with accomplished targets/ goals in their respective fields.

Our philosophy is to provide a stimulating learning environment in which the students can develop potential, achieve academic excellence and build the foundations for a successful career.

We firmly believe that modern educational opportunities should be accessible to all the students across Pakistan. Hence, we strive to offer competitively priced testing services, focusing on maintaining high standards and comprehensive clientage care.

We believe that a true global perspective is vital to their education and personality development. Therefore, we ensure that when they complete their studies, they are fully prepared to excel in the local & international community.

CORE Values

Quality fuels the passion for testing at UTS and this passion reinforces our relationship with applicants, vendors, stakeholders and employees alike. Our core values are a true reflection of our commitment to business and this commitment is a landmark of UTS.

Customer Focus

Our success depends on addressing customer needs with utmost quality, thereby building long term relations.

Operational Excellence

Our operational excellence is a result of our vast experience, technical expertise, robust methodologies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).


We always demonstrate complete accountability for the results to ensure that our relationship with our customers are long term in nature.